About The Play

Everyone knows of Romeo & Juliet as their names tease thoughts of young star-crossed lovers and their tragic end. Trapped by the feud between their families--the Montagues and the Capulets--their lives seem to tumble into an inevitable and ill-fated tragedy. The apparent “good” coming out of that “misadventured” is that they “bury their parents’ strife”.

KLSP’s unique 100-minute abridgment of this Shakespeare’s play peels back the layers, and unveils some issues that the tale may be a metaphor of. The show still keeps the characteristic format of performing the key scenes in Shakespeare’s words and piecing the parts together into a coherent whole with a narrative glue in contemporary English (and with a sprinkling of our local mother tongues). It is during this narration that certain now-exotic words are explained, overlooked issues underscored, questioned raised, etc.

Always innovating, this time the company has incorporated in SD:R&J a more physical performance, driven by the practices and philosophy of physical theatre.




  “According to my Form 2 son, there were about ten of our boys (not sure about the girls) in tears at the end. So mission accomplished”
-- Mark Disney, Deputy Head 6th Form, Kolej Tuanku Ja’afar --

I have never seen Shakespeare pitched so perfectly to secondary students (I think the audience participation yesterday indicated that pretty well!)
-- Laura Hale, Head of English, Help International School --


  Ke Xing, a Form 2 Student from SMK Pulau Ketam, wrote us this lovely letter. It was her very first experience watching a live theatre