About The Play

Nyoban Kan and KL Shakespeare Players join hands to (re)present Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.

The essence here isn’t to unfold the tale in the conventional, chronological way. But rather through a weave of movements, both graceful and grotesque; with an ethereal soundscape, of wails, words and music; and with sometimes shocking tableaux.

Shakespeare’s text and scenes are deconstructed and new possible (maybe even probable) structures imposed to test the tension within the text, and the tension between the text and movements. This process allows for a focusing on and a magnifying of the key themes and metaphors, as the performance plays with the images in the Bard’s most popular love tragedy.

The string of (re)presented images are interwoven with the Javanese dance of Rama and Shinta--another story of star-crossed lovers. Side by side, they echo, complement and contrast each other.